Our Mission

Balance the Grind is a work-life balance publication built on conversations, ideas and community.

Many young working professionals come to a point where they feel disillusioned by their place in the world.

We believe this is due, at least in part, to the stories they have been raised on selling them toxic versions of "success"

As a result of this disillusionment, people from all walks of life have become disengaged with their life and career and are wondering “Where to from here?”

Balance the Grind exist to help young professionals rewrite the stories they tell themselves about success and inspire them to enjoy the fulfilment they've been searching for in their day-to-day life.

We're on a mission to showcase healthy work-life balance through interesting stories from people all over the world, in different careers and lifestyles.

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We partner with values-aligned brands who can help them overcome obstacles, take action and make meaningful change.

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Our Audience & Growing Community

The Balance the Grind community includes young professionals and busy working parents across a range of industries and roles, including startup founders and entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives, designers, engineers, developers, marketers, publicists, product managers, writers, artists and more.

Our rapidly growing audience hails from across the globe and is most engaged with us via our mobile-friendly and accessible website asset: https://balancethegrind.co which receives an average of 70,000 visits per month.

Balance the Grind has an established audience on LinkedIn of 3,800+ followers and continues to receive an average of 5-6 new followers per day.

Along with the relaunch of our weekly newsletter in early 2022, Balance the Grind has diversified our online ecosystem to incorporate:

We’re also currently exploring ways to connect with trainers, coaches & consultants to bring valuable educational content to our audience.

To find out more about how you can partner with us across the Balance the Grind ecosystem and achieve your brand growth goals in 2022, speak with our Head of Commercial Partnerships, Lauren Kress by sending them an email here.